Cleveland Tapping Machine Company


Since 1940 

We make tapping machines that last – Cleveland tapping system can out produce the competition by a minimum of 300% most Cleveland tapping systems ROI less than 12 months.

The original Cleveland design dramatically reduces force, increasing tool life and thread quality.The Cleveland Machines design makes optimum use of a synchronous tapping providing the best possible tool life, performance, and thread surface quality. The transmission of torque and axial force been separated spindle transfers torque seamlessly effectively, the tap is only used as cutting tool  to prevent excessive wear during cutting while a short study spindle provides a smooth motion and complete transfer of torque from the spindle to the tap.  Addressing Axial Force and Synchronous Tapping. Taps are the only tool in which the feed rate remains static and must be synchronized with the tool’s ground pitch.  Any deviation from this precise feed rate can cause many issues, including oversized threads, premature tool wear and failure. Other precision lead-screw  tapping machines cannot keep pace with rotational accuracy , leading to errors that cause increased axial forces on the tap.

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