About Us

About Us

The origin of the high quality ‘’Cleveland’’ tapping Machines goes back to the beginning of the century to Cleveland, Ohio. It was operated by Automatic Steel Products, Inc. of Canton, Ohio.

It was in Canton that the world famous ‘’E line’’ of precision lead screw tapping machines was developed in the 1940’s. The ‘’E Line’’ was an immediate success ,both commercial and defense industries sought the reliability and durability of the ‘’Cleveland’’ Machines. 

The ‘’Fitting Machines” for threading pipe elbows, tees and couplings were developed in the post-war to meet the pent-up consumer demand. The heavy duty ‘’VF Line’’ of vertical lead screw tappers was introduced in 1950’s to extend the range of vertical tapping accomplished by the ‘’E Line‘’ tappers. 

In 1952-1953 the company moved to West Hartford CT and in 2014 to New Britain CT.

Today ‘’Cleveland’’ remains one of the country’s best known names of outstanding quality ,heavy duty tapping and combination drilling, reaming and chamfering machines.

Equipped with extensive automation.

Using modular construction ,many custom-built, special machines have been made to manufacturers utilizing the precision components of the ‘’E and F Line’’ machines. These are complemented  by the latest CNC technology and process automation (Robotics, Dial Index ,In-Line and Shuttle)