Heavy Duty Tapping Machines

Cleveland F line machines are designed to handle large and heavier tapping and threading operations required 15 HP or more . They have ruggedness required in machine Foundry operations, but retain the precision of fine machine tools. Machining units have dovetail cast iron way construction with taper gib and have twin hydraulic cylinder  variable feed, F-line tapping units have heavy quill  spindles with independent lead screws for tough tapping or threading operations.

Cleveland F-line machines are designed for heavy duty tapping and threading of finished products such as plumbing fittings, construction nuts, mine nuts, and bridge nuts. The matching way type machining heads on these multi-station machines are engineered to handle hollow milling, reaming, facing, chamfering, and counterboring. Both units are available in single or dual spindle models, or multi-spindle heads can be adapted.