Machine Rebuild

Minimum Machine Rebuild

Minimum Machine Rebuild will consist of the following :

  1. Receive, test run, teardown, inspect and evaluate machine for rebuild.
  2. Quote any necessary or recommended additional replacement or rebuild.
  3. Clean and replace reusable parts for reassembly.
  4. Sand Blast, Prime and Paint all necessary components, columns, base, and guards.
  5. Re-machine and Sleeve all heads.
  6. Replace of the following components in all heads: Quills, Spindles, Bearing sets, Seals and miscellaneous hardware.
  7. Electrics: Replace all machine wiring, replace, all relays and switches.
  8. Assemble, Test, Crate and load machine for shipment.
  9. Revise and provide new documentation of electrics and maintenance parts list.