Special Machines

This special Cleveland eight station index machine is used to produce aluminum gas meter bodies. Machining operations performed by this one machine are: 

  1. drill two 3.8″ holes, spot face four places to 3.4″ diameter
  2. mill valve face with hydraulic unit
  3. tap seventeen holes
  4. drill two #29 holes, spot face one hole 1.4″ diameter
  5. tap thirteen 1.4-20 pitch holes, two 8-32 pitch holes, and one 1.2-20 pitch hole. 

The machine is reloaded manually every 24 seconds and produces 120 machined pieces per hour at 80% efficiency. The operator is able to attend other machines during the cycle period.

Operations performed by this Cleveland machine in producing sprinkler heads are:

  1. ream and face large end
  2. hollow mill and thread O.D. for 1/2″ T.P.
  3. backface and finish topside of large end
  4. hollow mill O.D. and drill for 8-32 pitch screw small end
  5. assemble spreader and rivet firmly in place
  6. tap 8-32 hole in small end

Castings are power chucked and spreaders are hopper fed. Discharge of finished parts is automatic.